Posture-Vest Hybrid


Posture Corrector for Women and Men,Back Support Straightener, Shoulder Brace With Lumbar Support, Adjustable Breathable Posture Corrector for Improve Posture

With more coverage than a traditional choice, the back brace and posture corrector hybrid helps manage back pain and poor posture.


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Today’s modern society consists of very much sitting. According to LHL, we Norwegians sit on average around 9 hours every day! A lot of sitting, especially in front of screens, is one of the biggest causes of poor posture. That bad attitude has become a big problem for many is not very strange! We all know that a bad attitude negatively affects our appearance, but unfortunately bad attitude affects more than just appearance …



6 reasons why you should NOT ignore a bad attitude

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Poor posture will cause the muscles and joints in the back to be strained. The back will be out of balance where some muscles can become very tense. This causes the joints in the lower back to become overloaded. If the back is out of balance, this can also lead to pain in the neck and shoulders.


  • Look

    Poor posture is not very attractive. With forward-leaning shoulders and neck, the body will be asymmetrical, and one will also look lower. Not only that, but a bad attitude can also lead to poorer self-esteem.


  • Headaches

    Causes of headaches can of course be different, but a bad attitude is a very common cause. When one has poor posture, the head is leaning forward in an unnatural position. This leads to muscle tension in the neck, which often leads to unpleasant headaches.


  • Narrowed Nerves

    Over a long period of time, a poor posture can cause the joints in the back to change position. Which can cause the nerves in the spine to become pinched. The pinched nerves send pain signals to the brain, which leads to feeling pain in the back.


  • Impaired Digestive Function

    By strolling, one will naturally put extra pressure on the organs in the abdominal area. Which will often have a negative effect on, among other things, the digestive function.


  • Financial costs

    With a bad attitude comes many unnecessary discomfort, problems and pain. People often spend thousands of dollars on painkillers, ointments and massages to solve the problem. Such solutions can quickly become very expensive.



In short, a bad attitude will have negative consequences for life. The question now is, do you have a bad posture? You can easily find out if you are unsure. Look at yourself in the mirror from the side, and see where your shoulders and neck are. Surprised?


Your Posture Health


We at have spent large parts of our lives sitting in front of a PC, mobile, in a car and not least at work / school. As a result, we even ended up with a bad posture. After discovering that we ourselves had a bad attitude, we noticed that this was a problem in society that was far more common than we thought.

Our first solution for better posture was Posture Vest 2.0. The West was a success, and many of our customers are very happy with their results. But we did not want to go there …

With feedback from customers and a lot of testing, we arrived at the Attitude Science Hybrid. A new and developed posture vest that provides extra good support for the entire back. With support for the upper and lower back, we want the vest to help you develop a new and healthy posture.



Why is a good Posture important?

  • Painless Upper Body

    With a good posture, the body will be in its natural position. This means that there is no extra strain on the shoulders, back and neck. Less strain and pressure is something that contributes a lot to a painless upper body.


  • Better Appearance and Self Confidence

    A straight and fine posture is symmetrical and fine to the human eye. Good attitude is something that contributes to better appearance, and better appearance is something that contributes to better self-confidence!


  • Increased Energy Levels

    When the bones and joints are in the correct alignment, the muscles will be used as intended. The body will not have to work extra hard to perform its tasks. This means that you will experience less fatigue and more energy.


  • Improved Blood Circulation and Digestion

    In case of poor posture, important organs can be compressed. This pressure, on organs such as the heart and stomach, leads to impaired blood circulation and digestion. With a good posture, you will release this pressure and you will end up with improved blood circulation and digestion.


Why Posture-Vest Hybrid?

Posture Vest Hybrid is perhaps the simplest and most effective way to a good posture. The vest ensures that the shoulder blades and neck are pulled back to their natural position, so that the posture gets a straight and nice shape. With the help of the Attitude Vest Hybrid, it is possible to keep this correct shape regularly, without much effort. Which is crucial for a good result.

The West is not about a temporary solution. Posture vest Hybrid creates a muscle memory for good posture. By wearing the vest and keeping a good posture, the muscles will get used to the good posture. This makes it easier to maintain a good posture when not wearing a vest. Over a longer period of time with regular use, this muscle memory will get better and better. It will eventually be so good, that you will not need the West for a good attitude.

One of the best things about the Attitude Vest Hybrid is that it creates results quickly. It is very common to see results within the first two weeks of regular use. We recommend starting calmly with about 30-60 minutes each day, then increasing to about 1-2 hours daily. It goes just fine if you forget to wear the vest one day, or do not have the opportunity to do so. When you get to the point where you can maintain a good attitude without thinking about it, you do not need to wear the vest anymore. Just imagine that you can go with a wonderful and proud attitude, without having to think about it!



  • Fast and Efficient

    With the attitude vest you can expect a new good attitude in just 2-4 weeks! This with very little effort and effort.


  • Long-lasting Results

    The West helps you maintain a good attitude when you use it, and makes the new attitude a habit. Using the Posture Vest Hybrid creates a muscle memory, so you can walk with a straight and nice posture even when you are not wearing the vest.


  • Full Backrest

    The Hybrid Posture Vest provides support for both the upper and lower back. This makes it very useful for those who struggle with sore backs.


  • Comfortable

    The design and materials of the vest are designed to make the vest comfortable to wear.


  • Adjustable

    We have four different sizes of the vest and all sizes are adjustable so that the vest will fit you perfectly.


Better Attitude, Better Life!

Simply put, a bad attitude will have negative consequences for life. Poor attitude has become one of the biggest unnecessary problems in society. Do you want to carry consequences such as back, neck and shoulder pain? And not least, do not look as good as you really can? Probably not. Now you can easily improve your attitude. Get rid of your bad attitude and experience better self-confidence and increased energy levels. If you are tired of bad attitude and want to do something about it, you can now take the first step towards a better attitude and better life.




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Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large


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